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sparassis crispa kovr?ava kokica


The body of this mushroom can grow from 10 to 40 centimeters wide. It usually has a bit larger width than height. The whole mushroom mostly has a pale yellow color and has a curly appearance since it is composed of many intertwined and partially joined branches, which all come from a single fleshy stipe. The flesh of this mushroom is white, fibrous and elastic. The spore print has a pale brown color.


Chemical reactions

There is no significant data.


It grows in coniferous woods, close to several different tree species. This mushroom likes to grow on stumps, but on live trees as well. It grows throughout Europe and North America.


The cauliflower mushroom grows from August to October, but sometimes it can also be found in November as well.



A very tasty and aromatic mushroom of highest quality. It can be prepared in many different ways.

Similar species

Sparassis laminosa is similar to the common cauliflower mushroom which we described here, but it is somewhat smaller and much more stringy. Because of that, it is not as praised as Sparassis crispa, but it is edible.



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