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leccinum aurantiacum sme?i turcin


The cap of this mushroom is from 5 to 15 centimeters wide, and is round when young, while older specimens have a bit more opened convex shape. It is usually redish brown colored, or almost orange sometimes. The stipe can be tall up to 15 centimeters and it is often covered in brown flakes which are specific for this species. The pores are relatively long and are usually yellowish grey colored. The spore print is brown to grey colored.


Chemical reactions

The flesh reacts with iron sulphate forming a green coloration. The cap also reacts with potassium hydroxide forming a very dark olive color, almost black.


It can mostly be found close to poplars, but has also been located close to other types of trees. This species can mainly be found in Europe and North America.


Leccinum aurantiacum can usually be found from August to October.



Edible species of very high quality. It can be prepared in many different ways.

Similar species

There are certain species with which this species could eventually be confused (commonly with Leccinum quercinum), but fortunately, all these species are also edible, so there is no greater risk of mistaking it with a poisonous species.



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