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boletus torosus teški vrganj




The cap of the Boletus torosus can be from 7 to 17 centimeters wide. The young caps have a convex, but somewhat flattened shape at the top. Older specimens have also a similar shape. The skin is dry and matte, and can come in various tones of yellow and green, or even red color. When touched or cut, the flesh changes color first to a blue tone, and then to black. The pores are relatively short. They are yellow colored when young, and become somewhat more green colored when older. They also change color. The spore print is olive colored.




Chemical reactions

There is no significant data.



It grows mostly in somewhat warmer regions, near oaks and beeches. They sometimes also grow on clearings in grass. It can be found in gropus of a larger number of specimens. Boletus torosus mostly grows in the Mediterranean area.



This species grows mostly in September and October, although it can sometimes also be found during the summer.





A very tasty and aromatic species, especially since wormy specimens are found only very rarely. It is important to mention that the flesh of this mushroom should be properly heat processed, because it is poisonous in its raw form.


Similar species

This species is somewhat similar to Boletus purpureus, which is more common in colder regions. It is different from Boletus torosus in that the color change of the cap doesn't end with a black tone.




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