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amanita phalloides death cap pupavka zelena bijela green white


The death cap is a typical mushroom that comes in form of an "egg" when it is young. This is because the young specimens are enveloped in a thin shell. The cap is from 5 to 15 centimeters wide and is spherical when young. It can be yellow, bown, green or sometimes even bluish colored. The stipe is usually a bit wider towards the bottom, and it is also known to have a ring. The white gills are free, dense and wide. The spore print is white colored.


Chemical reactions

The flesh reacts with sulphuric acid producing a pink or a purple coloration.


It grows in beech, hornbeam, oak and fir forests, from lowlands to somewhat higher altitudes as well. The death cap grows throughout Europe, but can also be found on other continents, on which it has spread over time.


This mushroom grows from July to October, sometimes even in November.



This mushroom is deadly! It would be best not to touch this mushroom at all.

Similar species

There are certain species with which the death cap could be confused, but none of them has a ring on its stipe. Also, on these mushrooms, the stipe is not as widened at the bottom as the stipe of death cap.



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