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hydnum repandum prosenjak kravsko ovcje vime


The cap of this mushroom is thick, fleshy and firm. The color of the cap can come in different tones of yellow or orange. Under the cap, one can find tiny fragile spines which of the same color as the cap. The spines are extended to the stipe as well, which can be from 5 to 8 centimeters tall. The stipe is also firm and has the same color as the cap. The spore print is white.


Chemical reactions

The flesh reacts with iron sulphate to form a yellow color. It also reacts with phenolaniline thereby producing first a yellow, and then a reddish brown coloration.


This species grows both in coniferous and deciduous forests, and can usually be found in groups of several specimens. It grows throughout Europe and North America.


Hydnum repandum can be found from the beginning of summer, until late fall.



Edible and very tasty mushroom, especially when young. In older specimens, it is a good idea to remove the spines, as this can reduce the bitterness. It can also be pickled.

Fresh mushrooms are also excellent when combined with scrambled eggs.

Similar species

The only species which looks similar to this species is Hydnum rufescens, which grows mainly in coniferous woods, and it is usually somewhat smaller than Hydnum repandum. The mentioned species is also edible, so there is no danger of cunfusing it with a poisonous species.



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