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pleurotus ostreatus bukovaca oyster mushrooms


The cap of the oyster mushroom can grow from 7 to 24 centimeters wide, and is usually semicircular and on the edges bent down a bit. the cap can come in various colors - various tones of brown and grey color, sometimes even bluish white. The stipe is lateral and curved, and is usually relatively short. Sometimes it doesn't form at all. The gills are white, light brown or grey, and are usually also extended to the stipe as well. The spore print is light brown or slightly pink colored.


Chemical reactions

The flesh reacts with sulphuric acid forming a brown color. The gills react with sulphovanillin to form a red color, which usually passes into purple.


The oyster mushroom grows on different types of deciduous trees, usually in a large number of specimens. It can grow on beeches, walnuts, willows, poplars and other types of wood. Relatively common species in Europe and North America.


Oyster mushrooms grow from October to March, so it is basically a species that likes colder weather. However, there are certain subspecies that also grow in other periods throughout the year.



Very tasteful and respected mushroom, which can be prepared in various ways, of which most prefer pickling or frying them.

Similar species

There are certain species that grow on trees with which oyster mushrooms could be confused, but most of these species have usually much denser and harder flesh, and commonly don't have gills. Because of that, one can easily distinguish oyster mushrooms from other similar species.



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