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boletus aereus black bolete crni vrganj


The cap of Boletus aereus can be wide from 6 to 15 centimeters, and it mostly has a convex shape. The edge of the cap is usually bent downwards. The, usually, matte cap can come in various tones of dark grey or dark brown color. The stipe is relatively massive, and in older specimens, it is usually a bit wider at the bottom. The pores of the boletus aereus are very small, and are clogged in younger specimens, while in older specimens, the pores are round and opened. The spore print is greenish brown colored.


Chemical reactions

In reaction with potassium hydroxide, it forms a light brown color. Contact with iron sulphate forms a light green color. There is no reaction with ammonia.


It grows near oaks, chestnuts and beeches. It often favours places where the sunlight can reach the ground for at least several hours daily. This species grows well in central and southern Europe.


Boletus aereus can mostly be found from June to October.



One of the most valuable mushrooms in the Boletus genus, especially since Wormy specimens are found only very rarely. It can be prepared in many different ways.

This mushroom, when dry, can be added to many different meals such as: cooked green beans, meat filled cabbage, meat filled peppers, meat sauce, tuna sauce, but to many other meals as well.

Fresh mushrooms are also excellent when combined with scrambled eggs.

Similar species

It could eventually be confused with Boletus pinophilus which usually has more reddish caps. Nearly all species with which the Boletus aereus could be confused, are also edible and are usually of high quality.



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