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ramaria flava uti prsteci


Ramaria flava can grow from 6 to 20 centimeters wide and tall. The outer shape of this mushroom looks a bit like cauliflower. There are two main parts of this type of mushrooms - the body and the small branches. The body is thick, fragile and usually has a yellowish white color. The branches usually have a bright yellow color and are densely packed when young. When older, they are a bit more distanced. The branches mostly stand upright and are soft and fragile. The spore of this species are dark yellow, sometimes with a tone of brown coloration.


Chemical reactions

There is no significant data.


It grows mainly in deciduous forests, on acidic soil, often in larger groups of several specimens. It can also be found in coniferous woods. This species has mostly been found in Europe.


Ramaria flava can be found from July to October, although sometimes it can also be found in November as well.



Edible and of high quality. It can be fried, prepared in form of a salad, pickled, but it can also be prepared in many other ways as well.

Similar species

There is a possibility of confusing this species with many other species within the Ramaria genus, so one must be careful when searching for this mushroom as some of the Ramaria species can cause serious digestive problems. It is best to pick them when still young, because older specimens lose the bright yellow coloration which makes them easily recognizable.



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