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eussula heterophylla zelena krasnica green


The cap of the green russula is usually from 5 to 12 centimeters wide, ans is convex when young. Older specimens are usually outspread and concave. In dry weather conditions, the cap can have cracks on the edge. This mushroom comes in various tones of green color. The white and cylindrical stipe is usually narrow at the bottom. The gills are also white colored. They are thin, dry and densely packed. The spore print is white.


Chemical reactions

In a reaction with iron sulphate, the mushroom flesh becomes redish orange colored. A similar reaction happens when the mushroom skin is in contact with sulphuric acid.


One of the most widespread russulas. It can often be found in beech, oak and chestnut forests. It prefers acidic and clay based soil. Green russulas can be found in different parts of Europe.


It grows in several time periods throughout the year, most commonly during June and July, and later during September and October.



Green russulas are among the mushroom species of highest quality. They are known to be very tasty, and many people like them because they are very widespread and can easily be found in large amounts. It can be prepared in various ways, and it is also good when pickled.

Fresh mushrooms are also excellent when combined with scrambled eggs.

Similar species

Green russulas could eventually be mistaken with Russula cyanoxantha which doesn't react with iron sulphate, or with Russula virescens which is different from green russulas in that it usually has flakes on its cap due to skin fissuring during growth.



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