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morchella esculenta smr?ak common true morels


Morels are known as a mushroom species that has a relatively characteristic look. These mushrooms can grow from 5 to 12 centimeters in height. Younger speciments are usually round, while older specimens have a more elongated look, with narrowed upper parts. On the outer side, the cap has many deep and wide ridges, which can be dark brown or grey colored. The stipe is white colored, or sometimey yellow or grey in older specimens. Similar to the cap, the stipe is also hollow, and it is known to be a bit wider at the bottom. The stipe is also bent in various directions, at the bottom. Spore print is redish brown colored.


Chemical reactions

There is no significant data.


This species grows well on dung. It loves partly decomposed cellulose, and because of that it is not uncommon to find morels around wet and old cardboard or some similar material left out on the open. Morels can be found in various parts of Europe and North America.


This species grow mostly during the spring, from March until May, but often in other periods as well.



Morels are a very tasty and aromatic species, which can be prepared in various ways, but many would agree that one of the best ways is to fry them. However, we must also mention that older specimens should be avoided, especially if the cap has already started to fall apart. It can also be dried, and used that way.

This mushroom, when dry, can be added to many different meals such as: cooked green beans, meat filled cabbage, meat filled peppers, meat sauce, tuna sauce, but to many other meals as well.

Similar species

It can eventually be confused with Morchella elata, which is different from the species described here, in that it has relatively conspicuos grains on its stipe.



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