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clitocybe nuda modrikaca purple mushroom


The cap of the wood blewit can grow from 5 to 15 centimeters wide, and is convex when young. In older specimens, the cap is opened, while the edge of the cap is slightly curved downwards. The cap can have a bluish purple, brown or grey color. The stipe can be from 5 to 10 centimeters tall. It is firm and a bit widened at the bottom. The gills are densely packed, and are also bluish purple colored. The spore print has a redish purple color.


Chemical reactions

The flesh reacts with phenol producing a brown coloration. There is also a reaction with sulphovanillin, producing a pale purple color.


The wood blewit can be found in both coniferous and deciduous forests, usually where the ground is rich in humus, often on edges of forests. It commonly grows in groups a larger number of specimens. It can be found throughout Europe and North America, but has also been reported in Australia.


The wood blewit can be found from September to December. It can sometimes be found in the spring as well.



Edible, very tasty and aromatic. It can be prepared in many different ways.

Similar species

It could eventually be confused with certain species from the Cortinarii genus. The main difference between the wood blewit and certain species from the mentioned genus, is that the wood blewit has a reddish purple colored spore print, while species from the Cortinarii genus have a brown colored spore print.



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