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Tricholoma magnivelare ameri?ki matsutake american


This mushroom can grow from 5 to 25 centimeters wide, and up to 15 centimeters tall. The American matsutake is known to have big, fleshy and firm caps and stipes, which are usually white colored. Sometimes brown spots may also be present. The stipe is also known to have a ring. The gills are white, sometimes with a few brown spots when older. The spore print is white.


Chemical reactions

There is no significant data.


It grows mostly in coniferous forests, close to the trees, often on moss. The American matsutake like well drained soil, and it often grows in groups of several speciments. It can primaraly be found in North America.


It grows after periods of heavy rain, usually in fall, when the nights get cold enough. More accurately, from the end of October until the beginning of December.



Edible, and of very high quality. It can be prepared in many different ways. It is known by its medicinal properties, and is usually sold for relatively high prices.

Similar species

A similar species is Tricholoma matsutake, also known as the real matsutake, which grows primaraly in Asia, and mostly has a darker brown color. This mushroom has an even greater value than the American matsutake.



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