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russula cyanoxantha purple ljubi?asta krasnica


The cap of the purple russula can be from 5 to 15 centimeters wide, and is usually convex when young. The caps of older specimens are outspread and concave. The cap of this species can come in different colors, from a bluish purple to a very dark purple color. Sometimes it also comes in different tones of green color. The white colored stipe is filled and dense. It can be tall up to 10 centimeters. The fills are dense, white colored and soft. The spore print is white colored.


Chemical reactions

In reaction with phenolaniline the flesh becomes red and later black. In contact with phenol, it becomes brown colored. There is no color change in contact with iron sulphate.


It can be found in oak, beech and other types of deciduous forests. It can also be found in coniferous woods. Purple russula is one of the most common russula species in Europe.


Purple russulas can be found throughout the summer and fall, although it flourishes best at the very beginning of the summer, and again at the beginning of fall.



Purple russulas are edible mushroom of the highest quality, and can be prepared in many different ways.

Fresh mushrooms are also excellent when combined with scrambled eggs.

Similar species

It could be confused with other russula species, whih can also sometimes be green colored. What makes this russula diffent is its flesh which doesn't change color when in contact with iron sulphate. The possibility of confusing it with a poisonous species is very low.



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